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Meet your Baker

Owner and Creator of Chocolate + Flour

Kalina Pence- Pastry Chef and Chocolatier specializing in Custom Buttercream Cake Design, Fine Chocolates and Pastries. 

Artist, Barista and Chef turned Pastry Chef. After working numerous positions and climbing the ranks in the restaurant industry as a cook/chef/barista while moving around the country as a military spouse, I suddenly became inspired to bake by my new pregnancy cravings while living in Chicago, IL. I worked my way through pastry books I rented from the town Library and during that cold winter in our tiny apartment I decided to change my focus over to the sweet side of the kitchen. I was inspired again, and couldn’t wait to learn more.  After the birth of my daughter and a move back home to Washington I signed myself up to finally attend Pastry School. I graduated from The Oregon Culinary Institute In Portland, Oregon. 

My Pastry experience has been in many varying positions starting off as a Pastry Apprentice, Baker, Pastry Sous Chef up to Pastry Chef /Chocolatier And Business Owner. 

Working experience and training at: Bouchon Bakery Yountville, Facebook in Menlo Park, and in Local- Specialty Cake Shops, Patisseries like Baron Patisserie, Historical Grant House, Hotels, Scratch Bakeries, and Artisan Coffee Shops all in the Portland/Vancouver area.

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